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Writers Overdue a Return


Moff Gat


Some writers, like Mark Gatiss or Gareth Roberts, seem to be almost permanent fixtures. Others, like James Moran, or Barbara Clegg, seem to pop up only to be quickly left behind. In this post I thought I’d single out six Doctor Who writers (3 new series, 3 classic) that since writing ace Who stories for your telly-box have been left in the shows wake; writers that I would love to see work on the TV show once again.


Marc PlattMarc Platt

‘Ghost Light’ featured in the classic runs final season. If you’re a clever, sexy sort, it’s one of the finest Who stories ever broadcast. If you’re a meanie with a hump and a butt for a face, it’s one of the worst things ever inflicted upon Who-manity.

Platt is still actively involved with Who, writing numerous Big Finish audio plays, including ‘Spare Parts’, a much-lauded Cybermen tale that was apparently the initial inspiration for ‘Age of Steel’. Why Rob Shearman was asked to write Dalek for the show, which was inspired by his own Big Finish audio ‘Jubilee’, and yet Platt was not is something you’ll have to ask RTD. (You have that sort of relationship with Davies, yes?)


0_Rona_Munro_HeadshotRona Munro

Munro wrote ‘Survival’, the final story broadcast during the shows classic run. She has since gone on to have quite the lauded career, writing numerous plays and films, including such gritty fare as Ken Loach’s ‘Ladybird, Ladybird’. She seems to have shied away from fantasy and sci-fi since her brief dalliance with Who, but I’d still love to see her brought back into the fold to see what more she’s now capable of.

Also, if Moffat calls her up, he’ll increase the number of female writers used in his era by 100%. Which would be nice.


AaronovitchBen Aaronovitch

He wrote ‘Remembrance of The Daleks’! The moment the Classic show took a sudden lurch upwards in quality again.

He’s currently pumping out a rather fine series of novels that focus on Peter Grant, a police officer who also happens to be an apprentice wizard, fighting all manner of weird and magical beasties on the streets of London.



Robert Shearman

‘Dalek’ was the first 100% classic story broadcast in the first season of New Who. No farting aliens or burping bins to get past, just pure excitement.  Since then we’ve had precisely zero new episodes from the man who wrote it. I can only assume that this has mostly been his own choice, as why the heck wouldn’t you bring him back? But come on RS, get to it again!


Matt_JonesMatt Jones

‘The Impossible Planet’/’The Satan Pit’ is one of the stand out stories broadcast during the Tennant era. Thrilling, dark, even a bit on the scary side, so you’d expect it’s author to be a shoe-in for a return, right? Nope. Since that one story in season 2 of New Who, Matt Jones has been absent; in fact, checking his IMDB page, he doesn’t seem to have done much TV writing at all since, mostly focusing on producing the likes of ‘Shameless’ and ‘Skins’. I think this is a great shame, as he showed with his one Who story that he was a writer worth another look.


Paul_cornellPaul Cornell

‘Human Nature’. ‘Human Nature’. ‘Human Nature’. He wrote ‘Human shitting Nature’. Get the fucker back on board!

So what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Have I missed anyone you think is due a comeback?


Author: Matthew Stott


3 thoughts on “Writers Overdue a Return

  1. Paul Cornell’s written two AWESOME fiction novels featuring his own original characters: London Falling and The Severed Streets. I’ve read both and they are awesome! But that might be why he wasn’t written any Doctor Who lately. I love your suggestions though. Another general suggestion would be to go through the Missing Adventure/New Adventure/Past Doctor Adventures/ and Eighth Doctor adventures and offer the authors a job. I kinda’ think that’s what RTD did and it seemed to work out. (I’m reading the Missing Adventures now, having finished the PDAs and the number of names I recognize is amazing!)

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