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Cyberman Design


Oh my word. Oh my giddy aunt. Take a look at the bonce on this shiny beauty:


Designed by Matthew Savage, a concept and storyboard artist, this Cyberman head is PERFECT.

And Matthew has gone one further and designed the full suit for you to salivate over:


It blows the Cybermen designs we’ve seen in the modern series out of the water. I thought the redesign for ‘Nightmare in Silver’ was an improvement, especially the mask, but just like the previous take they emphasise the robotic. There’s no sense of there being remnants of a living creature inside those suits. To portray them simply as stomping robots robs them of what they are supposed to be. It reduces the horror, the social commentary of their origin; it robs them of their fear factor. Savage’s design I think rectifies this nicely.It’s not a clunky robot, it’s not a derivative Iron Man costume, you can feel that it’s a suit being worn over SOMETHING. Something that wants to make you just like them.

With so recent an update there’s probably no way the Who production team would consider another change so soon, but we can dream.


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Author: Matthew Stott


3 thoughts on “Cyberman Design

  1. Absolutely fantastic, a fellow artist after my own heart.
    Outstanding work buddy!!!

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