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Interview: Blogtor Who

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Cam-pic-200x200Blogtor Who is the website of male adult person Cameron K McEwan. Not only does he run the successful Who-site, but he has also branched out into books and documentaries, with the rather spiffing ‘Who’s Changing: An Adventure In Time With Fans’ having recently been released on DVD, and ‘The Who’s Who of Doctor Who’  now available to buy in all seven remaining book shops.


MELOkay, serious question first; Mel, Adric and failed companion Adam are hanging by their fingernails from a cliff edge- who do you help up, and whose fingers do you quietly tread on whilst no one’s looking..?

I like Mel. Well, Bonnie Langford at any rate. Adric’s dead already, though dying twice would still not make up for his utter awfulness. And there’s no way Adam, due to his feebleness, would even get to a cliff.

What on Earth made you decide to set up Blogtor Who?

I used to a blog about TV (like a proper blog, not like what I do now) and I realised most of it was just taken up with Doctor Who. It occurred to me that some readers might find it slightly annoying (as some people, would you believe, don’t like Doctor Who), so I created a space for it by itself.

ScarothMy earliest Who memory involves Peter Davison and a corridor (narrows it down, that); what’s your earliest memory of the show?

It’s a very vivid one. The cliffhanger to Episode One of City of Death – the reveal of Scaroth – stayed with me for years.

The Kandyman can, or the Kandyman can’t?

He can’t. Or certainly, he shouldn’t be allowed the opportunity to.

boomtown-dinnerDoctor Who fans hate a lot of things with a fiery passion about the show they love; what’s a generally derided element (story, Doctor, monster, outfit, WHATEVS) that you actually think is ace, skill and super nifty?

Lots of people have a go at lots of different things. It’s quite easy to find any part of Doctor Who that some “fan” has derided. I have a huge soft spot for Nightmare of Eden. I think it’s great despite the terrible production and performances (and it is, actually, a superb idea). I’m  also very fond of Boom Town which loads of people seem to dislike. Great stuff from Christopher Eccleston and Annette Badland in that one.

The U.S.  plops a pile of money into Who on the caveat that an American is cast in the lead; who’s the least objectionable choice?

Jonny Lee Miller. [Laughs] In all seriousness, I would have absolutely zero issue with an American playing Doctor Who. Kat Dennings would be sensational.

!Hugh_Grant_12th_DoctorGreatest coulda-been actor who was never cast as The Doctor?

Hugh Grant.

How did your new Who Documentary, ‘Who’s Changing’, originally come about?

I was working on another project with my good friend and producer, Elisar Cabrera, when we had a break and chat one day (about a year ago) about working together again. We’re both Who fans so that seemed like the natural thing to do as I’d made a few documentaries at university. I’ve been fascinated at the shift in the fan demographic for the show, and that’s what we tackled.

Is there a particular Who writer, from the classic series, the modern series, or even the novels and Big Finish, that really stands out for you? Even someone who you think has been overlooked a little?

From the classic series I really love the work of Robert Banks Stewart – Zygons and Seeds are just outstanding. Very simple but very effective. In the “modern” era, I adore Russell T Davies but I also love Phil Ford (who is getting another story this year, which is great news) and Richard Curtis did an amazing job on Vincent. Would love to see him write another.

doc-cushingLet’s assume magic is real and not only can you now fly and turn some wine into even more wine, but you can pick any two Doctor’s, living or dead, to team up for a new episode; who’s it gunna’ be, hm?

William Hartnell and Peter Cushing. 🙂

‘Ghost Light’, freaky, ambitious classic, or a big ‘ol pile of ‘What the heck?!’?

Like almost everything post Davison in the Eighties, it was balls. Utter balls.

Since the return of Web and Enemy, the rumours have continued to swirl about what else might be out there; if you could pick one missing (or partially missing) story to have returned, what would it be?

I love Hartnell the best so it would have to be one of his. Probably, and slightly predictably, The Daleks’ Master Plan. Mainly as there are SO many eps to that one. More Billy H to drink in.

Favourite classic era Who eps, and why?

The Five Doctors. It’s got lots of Doctors in it! It’s got lots of companions in it! It’s got lots of baddies in it! Also, the MIND PROBE!

Is there anything from Classic Who that the modern series has yet to bring back that you’d like to see it tackle..?

The Mara. Such a genuinely chilling beast. Real mind games can be played. Failing that, the Terileptils – they could be realised brilliantly with today’s money.

RTDIt’s fantasy-land time; pretend there’s no one out of the shows reach – who would you get to write a Doctor Who story for the next series?

Honestly, Russell T Davies. The show misses his heart, warmth and his ability to immediately connect an audience to a character. But if we’re talking someone new, JK Rowling would be fantastic. A female voice in Who is sorely missed.

Team Dalek or Team Cybermen?

I’ve never been a fan of the Daleks, or scared by them. Whereas the Cybes in Earthshock really made an impression on me as a youngster.

Donna_and_the_Time_BeetleFavourite modern Who episode/episodes, and why?

Midnight and Turn Left are the two episodes where I pretty much loved the show as much as I ever have. That was the pinnacle of my love for Doctor Who. Two very different stories that tested the show’s format. And did so perfectly. I still cry at Donna’s Circle of Mirrors scene. An amazing score from Murray Gold.

If we fight like animals, will we die like animals?

Only if you overact.

Congratulations, you’ve just been put in charge of Doctor Who and can make whatever changes you want to it; so what’s your big move? Strand the Doctor on Earth again? Cast a Woman in the title role? Bring back K9, but also add his nephew, Scrappy-K9? Or something else..?

Two words. One is Female. The other is Doctor.


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Author: Matthew Stott


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