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Hide & Eat

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Matt HappyAhh, a love story, I love a happy ending!






As soon as you go I’m going to eat Alec and Emma. Chew their faces down to the bone and poop them out into a ditch.





Emma HideWhat?





CrookedNothing. I said nothing.







Alec HideIt sounded like you said you were going to eat us as soon as the Doctor left..?





CrookedOkay, you two are just sounding sort of crazy. It’s a happy ending, I’m back with my lovely lady friend, all’s good. Chillax, already!






Doc Clara Hide leaveMarvellous! Lovely romantic twist ending, our work here is done, b-bye!

*They Exit, Front Door Shuts*



Alec Hide…So… do you think you and your lady will-





CrookedGet in my mouth.








Alec Emma scared*I’ve pooped my pants-!*


Author: Matthew Stott


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