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The Young Dr. Who Adventures


Young Dr WHo

‘He’s 17, and it’s about time!’

Doctor Who Thing can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that filming has begun on a new CBBC pilot, ‘The Young Dr. Who Adventures.’

A spokesperson for the channel said. “Yes. This is a true thing that is happening.”
GatissShowrunner Mark Gatiss says that he is “Chuffed to my very balls that CBBC have decided to show such faith in me.” He went on to say that “It’ll be Who, but funky fresh. Vanilla Ice will be rapping over the theme tune, stuff like that.”

Former Harry Potter/naked on stage actor Daniel Radcliffe is said to be delighted to be taking the lead role. “I’m delighted to be taking the lead role”, Radcliffe revealed. “Really delighted” He further added. “Really, really delighted.”

binThe role of the companion will be taken by a relatively inexperienced performer, the burping bin from ‘Rose’. “Kids love burps, that’s a scientific fact”, claims Mr Gatiss (from The North), “But we’ve gone one further, and now Binny can actually fart too! Kids love farts. Farts are funny.”

Radcliffe (14, shoddy Wizard) says, “Binny can’t talk, but through a series of differently pitched burps and farts, I learn to trust her.”



Doctor Who Thing understands that the current favourite to take the role of the Doctor’s main villain, Young Master, is singing twonk, Justin Bieber. When contacted for clarification, Bieber replied, ‘What?’



A spokesperson for CBBC again stated, “Trust me. This is real. LOOK HERE:”

Youg WHo



Author: Matthew Stott


8 thoughts on “The Young Dr. Who Adventures

  1. When Justin Bieber’s name popped up, it’s hard to believe this. Haha!

  2. I’m calling serious BS right here!

  3. You are bonkers, see a Doctor. Ha Ha 🙂 So funny.

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