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Six Years Ago


Doctor and Amy 1st camera test pic


It’s now six years since Matt Smith was announced as the next Doctor. Six years since he was suddenly unveiled on TV and people all over the land said ‘Who..?’

I was actually a little unsure before he popped up on-screen. I’d heard his name being strongly rumoured and wasn’t too keen. I’d seen him in a show called ‘Party Animals’ and thought NOPE. He did not seem right. And WAY too young, surely?!


Then came the actual announcement, and the interview, and THE HANDS. He just immediately seemed so ‘Doctory’, whatever the heck that even means. He felt right. My doubts immediately lifted. I just knew he was going to be something special, and boy howdy was I ever right. (Well done me, pat on the back!) (Thanks, me!) (You’re welcome, me!) (You’re really beating this into the ground now, me!) (No, I think we  carry on a little lo-) (STOP)

I still can’t help but feel that Smith came and went way too soon. His time seemed too fragmented, more than likely because it WAS fragmented, what with the wrong-headed decision to split his final two seasons. It feels like he went a year too soon. But…but, but, but, perhaps that’s for the best. By the time Tennant finally said goodbye to the three million people he’d met on-screen and regenerated, I was more than ready to move on; but with Smith I wanted more. And surely that’s the best time to leave the stage, before people are becoming itchy for change, before they begin to tire of you?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with Capal-Doc, but oh Smith, you were my Doctor. I never thought anyone would step up next to McCoy in my affections, but kid, you went and did done it.

Good on you, Raggedy Man.


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Author: Matthew Stott


6 thoughts on “Six Years Ago

  1. I am not sure which is better – but another season of Smith would have been nice. Nothing against the current doctor but I did love the energy he brought to the role. I loved Tennant in a different way.

  2. I miss him – he was such a fun Doctor. I love Capaldi but the 11th and 12th have a different attitude so you can’t compare them.

    Sylvester McCoy is one of my two favourites – glad you like him too.

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