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WARNING: Season 9 Starts Filming!


cap filming

Well yippee and yay and woo-hoo and shizz of that over-enthusiastic nature, season 9 has started its no doubt lengthy filming period! This means that the journey towards actually watching the thing becomes ever shorter! Oh, and that in the next few days, pictures of a spoilery nature may well begin to hop around the internet.

Now how you react to spoilers, pictures or written, varies from person to person. Some love devouring every leaked fact (and assumed-fact) squirted onto the net, whilst others like to stay as un-spoiled as possible, hating even knowing the episode titles ahead of time (episode titles aren’t spoilers, come on, guys!). The problem with us all being on the internet is it’s almost impossible not to stumble across something about an upcoming season that you didn’t want to know. Click the wrong link, or even follow the wrong person on Twitter who loves to attach filming pics to their missives, and before you know it the whole season is COMPLETELY RUINED. Well. Possibly not, but it can still annoy!

So guyz, be careful out there, and be kind to your fellow fan. Pics like the one at the top of this article? Cool. But give people the option not to click on real spoilers.

Oh, and one more thing… DOCTOR WHO SEASON 9 HAS STARTED FILMING!!!! *flails-around-madly*

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Author: Matthew Stott


3 thoughts on “WARNING: Season 9 Starts Filming!

  1. I’m the sort of person who tries to pick up all the tantalising bits of info as it happens, so that I don’t look stupid when people show us all something new that’s actually been around for ages.
    I don’t mind spoilers, really, unless they’re ridiculously big ones. I mean, knowing them doesn’t really spoil the stories, just lessen the impact. It’s not until you get a true surprise like Oswin’s appearance, or Donna giving he keys to Rose, that you realise how much you should try and stay away from spoilers as much as possible.
    Of course, these next few weeks, I’ll be lapping up every BTS photo, footage and fan selfies that appear online.

    • I agree, I’m okay with some spoilers, and do go hunting for pics, but I like to stay clear of anything too big. Like I wouldn’t have wnated to know FOR SURE that Misyy was the Master. But I do think their should be spoiler etiquette. Say ‘it’s over there if you want it’, but don;t just shove it out where any one could stumble face first into it. 🙂
      Doctor Who Thing

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