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Ace Short Horror

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Any friend of mine (all 3 of them) will tell you that Ace, played by Sophie Aldred, is my fave Who companion (Okay, 2 friends, I lied to try and sound like a big shot). Right now on crowdfunding site Indiegogo there’s an opportunity for you to help a short horror film starring Sophie come to fruition.

Here’s some of the bumpf:

RoboFilms continues it’s series of short, suburban horror films, bringing established names and new talent together in fresh, innovative stories that might be taking place just next door.

In ‘The Sitter’ Julie finds herself hired to babysit the daughters of Michelle and Jim Cleveland, two doctors who have recently returned from working in a remote, tropical country…but something may have come back with them.


Robofilms needs your help to make this thing happen, so head on over and pledge some pennies!



Author: Matthew Stott


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