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12 Things We Want To See in Season 9

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I’ve written a wee article for those bunch of nerds over at Cult Box, looking at 12 things I’d like to see in Season 9. Well. I only wrote 11, they added the 12th.

So thanks very much to them, and here’s a sneak peek at the list:

Female Writers

WELL FINALLY..! The news recently broke (after her agency added the info to her credits) that Torchwood writer Catherine Tregenna would be writing an episode of season 9. Yes, an actual lady-woman writing an episode of Who, the first during Moffat’s time in charge, the first since Helen Raynor’s Sontaran two-parter in season 4, and only the second female writer since the show returned ten years ago. If this turns out to be correct (and we have had writers announced whose episodes slipped through the cracks before) then this is obviously ace news.

Yes, yes, what matters most is the quality of the writer, not which sex they happen to be, but come on, one female writer in ten years looks terrible and reflects badly on the show. Tregenna writing an episode for season 9 is a step in the right direction. A quarter of season 8 being directed by women was a step in the right direction. Let’s hope there are a few more steps in that direction to come soon.

More Jamie Mathieson

Well this one’s a no-brainer. A new writer to Who and he knocked out two acclaimed episodes (‘Flatline’ & ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’) right out of the gate. Many were even anointing Mathieson as Moff’s heir apparent, which is perhaps a little quick on the draw, but you can certainly see why he excited so many. It’s rare to see a writer other than Moffat have not one, but two stories in quick succession so highly thought of. For me, ‘Mummy’ was only beaten by ‘Listen’ as the finest episode of the season, so surely he must be in line for a quick return?

To see the rest, head on over to the article at the nifty Cult Box:

12 Things We’d Like To See


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