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Watching videos of people watching Doctor Who. What fresh insanity is this? Why do people make these vids and upload them to Youtube? Why do I watch them? Why are they so addictive?!

It seems absurd, the very idea of this strain of Who vid not only existing but that so many people make them and watch them, but since discovering the trend a few months back I’ve been eagerly hoovering up the best of them. Even watching some of them multiple times. I may be brain sick. But gosh darn it, they’re fun and moreish. Seeing people thrill to something you love is just FUN.

If you are going to delve into this weird and wonderful world, then here’s one to wet your whistle, the ChiqueGeeks latest offering, ‘reacting’ to ‘Last Christmas’. Enjoy (?).


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Author: Matthew Stott


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