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Underrated Matt Smith Era Stories



Those cool cats over at Cult Box have posted another article of mine, this time looking at underrated Matt Smith era stories (maybe you didn’t get that from the title). Here’s a sneak peek:

There are several justly celebrated stories nestled in Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor: people love ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, they foam at the mouth over ‘The Eleventh Hour’, and they positively fall down and have a joy-fit when ‘The Day of the Doctor’ is mentioned; but what about some of his other stories? The stragglers? The forgotten? Or even the downright despised? Here’s my little list of 7 underrated Matt Smith stories:

Beast Below

The Beast Below

It came hot on the heels of ‘The Eleventh Hour’, one of the very finest debut stories for a new Doctor and, for me, an all time classic.  Beast is seen by many, Moffat himself included, as something of a stumble. Now look, I’m not saying it’s perfect, I know there are several things that just don’t seem to make any sort of sense, but there’s something about this story that just does ‘it’ for me. For whatever reason I get a real Seventh Doctor era vibe off it, and that’s never a bad thing. Oh, and it’s also completely insane. A whole city riding on the back of a giant space whale? That is proper bonkers, but, for me, it works.

Okay! To read the rest, head on over:

Underrated Matt Smith Stories


Author: Matthew Stott


2 thoughts on “Underrated Matt Smith Era Stories

  1. I didn’t realise Time of the Doctor was underrated, though at time of broadcast the very quick regeneration moment bugged me. Re-watching it I think I prefer the more subtle approach.

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