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Why ‘Neverwhere’ Could be The Next Dr Who

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Hey Who nerds!

Those fine peeps over at Digital Spy have tossed up an article of mine, looking at what else could fill the ‘Dr Who slot’ now ‘Atlantis’ has bitten the dust.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Why Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere Could Be the Next Dr Who

After the news that another hopeful heir apparent to the Saturday Night ‘Doctor Who’ slot, Howard Overman’s ‘Atlantis’, has bitten the dust, I thought I’d take a look at what the BBC should try next .

The Return of Saturday Night Family Adventure

Not so very long ago, the idea of an early evening adventure show on BBC 1, on Saturday night no less, that the whole family would happily sit down to enjoy was seen as impossible.  That time had passed, the audience was now too fragmented, there’s just no way you could get people from eight to eighty to all sit together and watch the same narrative show.

Then the BBC took a risk. With big swingers like writer Russell T Davies and BBC Drama Commissioner Jane Tranter fighting its corner, that old, dead TV legend ‘Doctor Who’ lurched back into life… and it worked. People of all ages tuned in, the viewing figures stacked up, and ten years later it’s still there.

Go here to read the rest; GO NOW:



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Author: Matthew Stott


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