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Season 9



Hey Doctor Who nerds, guess what?


Oh my God…

Oh my God….

And so on.

Cap red hanSeason 9 of Doctor Who (yes, season nine, not 35, nerd!) is almost ready to sit on our chests and tweak our noses until we scream and cry for mummy. Which episode will be this years ‘Listen’? Or this years ‘Time Heist’….? I have a strange feeling that this run, with its multitude of two parters (and even a few lady types brought in from the cold to pen an episode or two) is going to be something quite special. That this will be the Capaldi era unleashed fully.

Just look at him there. How much does that picture scream I AM THE DOCTOR?

What are we going to get? Hm? By all accounts, the first episode is a mad, whirling beast.

Of course, one thing we know for sure (for probably sure) is that this will be Clara’s last run (oh ya-boo-shucks to you Clara haters)(I mean, up to you, obvs)(personal taste and all that)(and so on). She’s been AMAZING, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Moffat handles her exit. So to speak.

So yes. Yes, yes. It’s a-coming. BRAND NEW DOCTOR WHO. Ah, the sweetest four words known to man. Well, ‘free money and chocolate’ is also a pretty good. 

What are YOU looking forward to most, hm? Apart from Capaldi’s MASSIVE HAIR, obviously.



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cap 9


Author: Matthew Stott


7 thoughts on “Season 9

  1. Loads. But the most: Peter Capaldi. Watching the prequel, I was thinking how much I love him as The Doctor. He is perfect.

  2. Surely, it’s *series* nine, or *season* 35?

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