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Bye Clara. Miss Ya.


jennaSo Clara, the formally ‘Impossible Girl’, is soon to be no more. Whether she will walk of her own free will, or meet a dastardly end, Jenna Coleman’s companion is to leave during season 9.

So here’s a few heat of the moment thoughts on that.


Let’s get this out of the way first: I LOVED Clara. Okay, I’m easy. I may be alone in fandom in that I don’t hate any main cast member with the fury of a white-hot Sun. Oh, I have my faves, but I don’t really dislike anyone. Adric may find it difficult to remember how to walk across a room believably at times, but I still don’t mind him.

I’m such an easy trollop.


There have been some complaints here or there about Clara, especially about the consistency of her character. I see the same character start to end, but it’s certainly true that she was developed massively when Capaldi appeared. For example, that ‘control freak’ aspect was always there, just not directly pointed out until Capaldi did so. I mean, Clara dictated the terms of her travels with Eleven. She would not be travelling full-time, he would come and collect her on the day of her choosing each week. Nothing control freaky about that, right…?

You could even make a case for it in her first appearance, in Asylum of The Daleks. Even trapped and alone, she ‘s leading Eleven a merry dance. She’s IN CONTROL. He’s the one running after her.

cap 9

Was she hamstrung a little by being a mystery when she first appeared? Not for me. Some said they found it difficult to get to grips with someone who is THE BIG MYSTERY THAT MUST BE SOLVED. But it was only ever there for half a season, and then tidied away. Solved. Done. Plus, it was only really a mild focus in, what, a couple of the episodes? I don’t buy that the character was only defined by the mystery. I think the real problem is that the mystery was SO at the forefront of many peoples minds, that they focussed on that and overlooked the character. When it was all done with, they suddenly just had Clara and perhaps hadn’t taken her in fully as a person. For me, there was more to her than the mystery right from the start.


But enough of all that, let’s remember all the ACE STUFF. That attack on Twelve at the end of Kill The Moon. The restaurant convo with tramp Twelve in Deep Breath. How she talked the Doctor’s into doing the right thing in Day of The Doctor. ALL THE OUTFITS. The speech to Young Doctor Who in Listen. The phone call with an almost-gone Eleven at the end of Deep Breath. The surprise of her appearance in Asylum, falling for her, then realising she’s a blooming Dalek! Old Clara in Last Christmas. Hugging Twelve against his will. Jumping from Doctor to Doctor at the start of Name Of. And on, and on, and on. So many brilliant moments, stories and performances.

c tardis

Jenna is one of the finest actors to ever grace the main cast. TRUTH. And, the lucky so-and-so, she got to appear in two of the finest, all time top ten stories in the shows long history: Day of the Doctor and Listen. I for one am thankful for her time on the show, and can’t wait for another series of her and Capaldi, running through all of time and space.

And then… and then… as Who must always do… things will change…


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2 thoughts on “Bye Clara. Miss Ya.

  1. You are so right! Clara was an awesome character from start to whatever finish she is likely to have … I hope she leaves as a trainee timelady … after all, they are – all of them – the ultimate control freaks! lol!

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