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Seven and Ace

Welcome to a site dedicated to that classic British Sci-Fi show, ‘Sapphire & Steel’. Ah, humour…

My name is Matthew Stott and I’m a writer, mostly penning stuff that I like to think is quite funny. Vic and Bob, Mitchell and Webb, Kevin Eldon, Alice Lowe, Rufus Hound and Nick Helm are just some of the super talented folk to have spoken my words. I was also involved in the (later abandoned) fifth series of ‘The IT Crowd’. Go me!

I’m also, which may come as a surprise to you, a bit of a Doctor Who fan, and have been since I was young enough to fit comfortably inside something really quite small. Like a school bag, or a wastepaper bin. You get the idea. This place right here is my ‘Doctor Who Thing’ and it’s where I write stuff about the greatest TV show ever, ever; yes, I’m talking about ‘Sapphire & Steel’. That’s a callback, people! I’m a fun guy.

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