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Ace Short Horror


Any friend of mine (all 3 of them) will tell you that Ace, played by Sophie Aldred, is my fave Who companion (Okay, 2 friends, I lied to try and sound like a big shot). Right now on crowdfunding site Indiegogo there’s an opportunity for you to help a short horror film starring Sophie come to fruition.

Here’s some of the bumpf:

RoboFilms continues it’s series of short, suburban horror films, bringing established names and new talent together in fresh, innovative stories that might be taking place just next door.

In ‘The Sitter’ Julie finds herself hired to babysit the daughters of Michelle and Jim Cleveland, two doctors who have recently returned from working in a remote, tropical country…but something may have come back with them.


Robofilms needs your help to make this thing happen, so head on over and pledge some pennies!




Ratings & Dream Crabs

Crab drawing concept alternatives

It’s a long story.

Actually no, this is going to be quite a short story. The Radio Times just posted a bunch of juicy pics detailing the design work that resulted into those dreamy swine, the Dream Crabs. It’s always super fascinating to get a peek at the behind-the-scenes process that went into finding what we ultimately ended up with. Just look up there at all the different iterations the designers went through!

Crab alt concept

One thing I’ve often noticed with these unused creature designs is how much more horrific and frightening they are, before they are obviously tweaked and refined to give us something that isn’t going to completely traumatise all the six-year olds watching. BAH.

Anyway, there’s plenty more cool-ass pics to slobber over in the original article, so get you’re Who Nerd self over there!

Crab Model



Cap Promo

Now I don’t like blathering on about filthy ratings too much, especially when a certain section of fans seem to revel in the idea that they might be plummeting, and ignoring the actual truth, no matter how many times it’s pointed out to them. Odd lot.


Seems like Who is booming in the U.S. right now, with the eighth season and the latest Christmas special both recording the shows highest ever ratings. Cooly-cool.


Alright, I’m out of here Who Nerds – *Slides on shades and revs flying motorcycle*


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Interview: Andrew Smith

Doctor Who Thing

Andrew SmithAndrew Smith is better than you, okay? Let’s just get that out of the way right now. This guy has written words that Tom Baker has spoken on screen. In Doctor Who. What THE HELL have you done that could EVEN compare? Yeah, EXACTLY. Compared to Andrew Smith you’re, at best, on a par with that thick mucus I sometimes cough up in the morning (I do not enjoy a healthy diet).

Andrew Smith wrote ‘Full Circle’ for Tom Baker’s final season, and can still be found writing Who-Stuff (and beyond) for Big Finish. Here he is being a gent and flapping his gums about Who:

2 & JamieWhen did Doctor Who first enter your Mind Palace and set up home?

The show started a year and a bit after I was born, but my first memories are of watching Patrick Troughton and Fraser Hines up against the Cybermen, Yeti and Quarks. …

View original post 2,355 more words


Hey, Dummy!

steven-mofattOver the last few weeks, as we splash around in the… uh… swimming pool of pre-new season speculation..? Imagine I wrote something much better there. Anyway, as we thrash about impatiently, one armband quickly deflating causing us to swim around in circles, I’ve noticed a bit of an unwelcome blather-trend online; namely that Capaldi is arguing with Moffat and telling him exactly what to write. Capaldi is putting that no good show-wrecker in his place and giving us ‘proper’ Doctor Who back. Which, you know, is adorable. The very idea that anyone could seriously entertain such a notion enough to put it out there as fact is such an incredible load of nonsense that I struggle to understand how so many people are going with it. I recently read an article on some site called ‘Mary Sue’, which positively revelled in the idea; not as a possibility, but as a fact. It’s what’s happening behind the scenes. That monster Moffat is cowering at his keyboard whilst the mighty P-Cap towers over him, eyebrows a flame, yelling ‘No more romance! Cut out all these jokes! Bring back the Garm!!’

I won’t link to the offending dick-heel of an… I was going to say ‘article’; let’s go with puke-scrawl instead. Offending dick-heel puke-scrawl. I’m sure you can find it if you so desire, or other dick-heel puke-scrawls like it. Now look, this isn’t supposed to be bashing those of you who don’t like Moffat’s version of Who, because I sympathise, okay? I love the Mighty Moff, I think he’s penned more full on Who classics than just about anyone, and his era, shaky as it’s been at times, has been a delight, but obviously I can understand it not being your thing. Because it’s subjective. They’re stories. In any long running series with a huge fan base, you’re going to get a section of people who don’t like what the show becomes. And that’s fine. That’s unavoidable. But you know what isn’t fine? Being an insane person. Making toot up to spew vitriolically into the world whilst you stamp your little entitled feet.

Here’s the hard truth, so take a seat and prepare yourself: Capaldi likes Moffat. I mean, REALLY likes him. I’m so, so sorry. Capaldi likes Moffat’s version of Who, and he likes his writing. He would totes carry Moff’s book-bag and possibly even kiss him on the face given half a chance. He’s not a saviour here to right your perceived wrongs, he’s an actor here to enter into what is a creative collaboration with many other people, including the head writer. The boss. The man steering the ship. Steven Moffat. Capaldi will have his own ideas, suggestions and desires that he’ll put forward, and it’s then up to Moffat to decide what we’ll actually see. What bits and pieces the new guy brings that he’ll add to the pot to stir in. And it will be different to some degree to what has gone before in the recent past, because it’s a new Doctor, a new tone; time to shake the whole thing up again. But whatever we do see, it’ll be because Moffat has decided it’s right. Not because he’s been bullied into it by Capaldi, by Jenna Coleman, or even by the person in charge of catering, no matter how delicious their lasagne is.

For better or worse, depending on which side of the fence you sit, what we’re going to see in series 8 is STILL mostly the vision of one man, Steven Moffat. He’ll be taking on board all the ideas and suggestions of the people surrounding him, Capaldi of course included, and filtering them through his brain to give us the Who he thinks is right.

So to those of you being total dum-dum dummies, please, I beg of you: quit it already!



The Young Dr. Who Adventures

Young Dr WHo

‘He’s 17, and it’s about time!’

Doctor Who Thing can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that filming has begun on a new CBBC pilot, ‘The Young Dr. Who Adventures.’

A spokesperson for the channel said. “Yes. This is a true thing that is happening.”
GatissShowrunner Mark Gatiss says that he is “Chuffed to my very balls that CBBC have decided to show such faith in me.” He went on to say that “It’ll be Who, but funky fresh. Vanilla Ice will be rapping over the theme tune, stuff like that.”

Former Harry Potter/naked on stage actor Daniel Radcliffe is said to be delighted to be taking the lead role. “I’m delighted to be taking the lead role”, Radcliffe revealed. “Really delighted” He further added. “Really, really delighted.”

binThe role of the companion will be taken by a relatively inexperienced performer, the burping bin from ‘Rose’. “Kids love burps, that’s a scientific fact”, claims Mr Gatiss (from The North), “But we’ve gone one further, and now Binny can actually fart too! Kids love farts. Farts are funny.”

Radcliffe (14, shoddy Wizard) says, “Binny can’t talk, but through a series of differently pitched burps and farts, I learn to trust her.”



Doctor Who Thing understands that the current favourite to take the role of the Doctor’s main villain, Young Master, is singing twonk, Justin Bieber. When contacted for clarification, Bieber replied, ‘What?’



A spokesperson for CBBC again stated, “Trust me. This is real. LOOK HERE:”

Youg WHo


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