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‘Class’ and Fan Expectations


We’re getting a new Doctor Who spin-off! This is at once great and really very unexpected news. It shows the how much the BBC still thinks of this daft show, that they still want to build new things from it.

The announcement was teased on Twitter over the space of a few hours, and it’s fair to say that many of us went into a frothing frenzy of speculation. I had work to do, but couldn’t tear myself away from all the different ideas and general fizzing glee. And then came the announcement, and a sudden slump in the tone of people’s tweets as what we were given was not what we ‘wanted’. We wanted a new 8th Doc mini-series! A movie! Captain Jack back! RTD to pen a special! Missing episodes found! A Missy spin-off! What we got was a spin-off in which, it would seem, there are no major or beloved characters at the centre. The Sarah Jane Adventures had.. uh…(Tegan..?) and Torchwood had Jack; Class has.. a building? I think it’s fair to say that many were slightly flummoxed and didn’t know how to process this left-field seeming announcement. I know I felt a little ‘oh’ about it all for a few minutes.

But that’s not the shows fault, if anything it’s a combination of how the BBC account teased fans and how we all whipped each other up into a spittle-flecked, sweaty-palmed tornado of fan-loons.

Because let’s be clear: this announcement is very, very, lovely, great, amazing news. I thought the show was past the point were something like this might happen. I never really bought the idea that the vaunted Paternoster Gang TV show would happen. Too weird. Too unique a flavour.

The Who world is expanding again. What will it be? Buffy meets Who? Something else? Doctor Who and it’s brand is as important as ever to the BBC, and this is an exciting confirmation of that, during a period where there’s a lot of doom-and-gloom about the overnight ratings.

So a big YAY for ‘Class’! Toss aside any residual disappointment about not getting the treasured treat you decided you wanted, and get behind this new, unexpected addition to Who!


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